Keystone Acquisition Services, Corporation

  • Welcome to Keystone Acquisition Services, CorporationA full service acquisition firm you can trust and rely upon
  • We've acquired thousands of propertiesfor public improvement projects
  • At Keystone, we emphasize a team approach,communication and quality control
  • Our focus is to get shovels in the dirton time and within budget
  • We've relocated over 300 businessesand over 1,000 residents

Keystone Acquisition Services, Corporation is a full-service right-of-way acquisition firm, which is steadily engaged throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  We typically provide assistance with projects that result in private property being acquired to facilitate the completion of an improvement that is considered to be for the overall public benefit.  In addition to the hundreds of public projects, Keystone has provided services for private real estate development projects.

Since our inception in 2000, we have served over 55 clients in successfully completing over 200 projects. Assignments we have completed range from damage estimates, utility line planning, and minor bridge & culvert replacement projects to projects that involved total reconstruction of roadway facilities that impacted over 150 parcels, resulting in not only the displacement of numerous residential occupants but also the displacement of very large industrial and commercial enterprises as well.

Our staff is strategically located throughout the Commonwealth to best serve the state. We employ a staff, who combine for a comprehensive 200+ years of right-of-way acquisition and real estate experience. As we continue experiencing controlled growth and through broadening our reach, expansion into other states is expected within the next couple years.

Specializing in every niche of the acquisition process, our staff is able to fulfill requirements of any project from planning and development through construction. Regardless of the size of scope of the project, our staff always emphasizes: the quality of their work, professionalism, the commitment to our clients, as well as the fair and equitable treatment of the public affected by our projects.

When choosing a right-of-way consulting firm to address your needs, you should feel secure about your choice. Our vast experience, capabilities, and exemplary record of past performance should make the choice easy. With Keystone, you are ensured of: a job well done; a project completed in compliance with the applicable funding sources’ regulations; and an undertaking that will be well managed from start to finish.

By exploring our website, you can learn more about the services we provide, the projects we’ve completed and who has benefited (and continues to benefit) as a much valued client of Keystone.