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We staff highly qualified Project Managers throughout the Commonwealth. Each has an innate ability to establish a workable project schedule and ensure that tasks are properly and effectively directed through proper channels to maximize the value inherent in securing us to provide the service you require. Schedule and budget compliance are primary focal points of ours as we proceed with each of our projects. This detail drives our management processes from initiation to finalization.

Our Principals and Project Managers are in regular contact with each other through open forums. The regular interaction between the management team helps to solve individual project problems through team interaction and input from other staff expertise and past experiences. These communications also help to properly allocate our human resources in the most efficient manner across all of our projects.

Regardless of whether we begin a project from the initial phase of final design or are approached midway through a project, we’re able to identify the needs, allocate the proper resources, achieve the goals and advance a project to construction as quickly as possible, while remaining efficient with the taxpayer dollars funding most of our projects.