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When our projects’ construction schedules do not coincide with the acquisition phase of a project, it may become necessary for us to ensure that the property that we’ve purchased, on the behalf of an acquiring agency, does not present an eyesore or disruption to the locality from which it was acquired.  At times, it becomes necessary for us to maintain certain characteristics of a property to ensure the safety of the community and allow neighboring property owners to continue the enjoyment of their own property.

Our staff is familiar with securing the services of contractors that can guarantee the safety, security and maintenance of such properties.  We work closely with contractors who board and seal the structures, demolition and remediation contractors, storage facilities, snow removal companies, landscapers who provide lawn care and utility companies, who ensure that all utilities are appropriately disconnected. Our adherence to the applicable procedures in procuring these services may further provide assurances to our clients that funding sources aren’t jeopardized and proper protocols are being followed.

In addition to properly maintaining property we acquire, we have also been involved with projects where total facility management was required.  In these arrangements, we have been responsible for rent collection, leasing, property maintenance, security, and disbursement of security deposits. We are constantly looking for ways to diversify the services we provide and by introducing new elements such as property management, we are better suited to serve the needs of our clients.