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Who We Are


With over 200 combined years of experience, Keystone Acquisition Services employs experienced right-of-way professionals to meet your project’s needs. Our team consists of project managers, negotiators, appraisers, and relocation specialists working together to provide the full spectrum of right-of-way services.


Ericka Ehrenberger – CEO

Craig Laurenson – COO & Project Manager

Project Managers

Josh Harkins – Regional Manager

Warren LaRiviere, Project Manager, SR/WA

Susan Nimon – Assistant Project Manager


Maggie Qualters – Chief Appraiser

Tim Meals – Staff Appraiser

Robert Lazare – Staff Appraiser

Craig Laurenson – Machinery and Equipment Appraiser

Elwyn Laud-Hammond – Real Estate Analyst & Licensed Appraiser Trainee

Negotiators, Relocation Advisors & Real Estate Specialists

Chuck Latus

Chet Paul

Matte Harmon

Lindsay Allen

Susan Nimon

Simone Woodland

Kara Flynn

Shannon Rizzo

Ezra Brophy

Byron Crawford