Keystone Acquisition Services Corporation

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Since 2000, Keystone has been involved with resolving thousands of claims in Pennsylvania for public improvement projects.  We understand the hardships property owners experience, when their land needs to be acquired for a project they may or may not support.  Our extensive project experience has allowed our staff to be involved in a wide variety of projects, ownership scenarios, impacts to required properties and the challenges associated with these situations and best navigate them to a successful project outcome.

Keystone’s staff members are prepared to address and overcome the objections raised by property owners, who are some of the tax payers that fund our projects.  We commit to treat all individuals and entities fairly and equitably and ensure they are aware of their rights and entitled benefits.  Keystone encourages an open chain of communication and provides sufficient information to the property owners in order for them to make the best and most informed decisions relative to their claims.

Our ability and practice of discussing claims internally helps us to resolve the majority of our difficult claims through teamwork.  The efforts of staff members working together provides great insight to creatively resolving most matters.  When we do identify situations, where the outcomes are indeterminable as to the exact impacts of a property, we protect the property owners’ interests, make them aware of all their rights, provide them options and never pressure them into decisions.