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Keystone employs three generally certified appraisers and has access to another three if additional efforts are required of our projects. Each appraiser is experienced with the pre-appraisal functions applicable to state and federally funded projects. We are fully capable of providing comparable data research, preparing quality appraisal problem analyses (APA), evaluating claims considered as candidates for Waiver Valuation Worksheets (WVW) and preparing the same.

Our appraisers have extensive experience in preparing and reviewing residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial appraisals. This gives our clients the security that all properties can be appraised equitably and will be evaluated and reviewed by competent appraisers, familiar with any type of valuation problem.

Our appraisal resources boast over 150 years of combined experience in appraisal and about 60 years of this is directly attributable to services provided while employed by the public sector. The diverse experiences from both the private and public sectors, enables us to provide the best service to our clients through comprehensive skills and application.