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Condemnation Support

Through negotiating claims for projects that may not always have strong public support, at times it becomes evident that we have to exercise the power of eminent domain and acquire certain properties through condemnation.  When this is necessary, Keystone has always been able to provide relevant and necessary support to our clients in being able to not only file the required documents with the applicable counties, but to remain available to further negotiation efforts.

Oftentimes, when we’re engaged in a project for a local public agency or other client that does not frequently have to acquire constituents’ properties through eminent domain, our insight becomes invaluable as we work with local solicitors to ensure they are meeting obligations to the Eminent Domain Code.

We’ve participated extensively in board of view hearings for numerous clients and have provided expert testimony at many of those hearings.  Our ability to work with acquiring agencies’ legal counsel and help support them in cases we’ve been involved with has led to our clients being the prevailing party in several instances.