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Our relocation assistance efforts have resulted in the successful displacement of over 1,000 residential occupants and well over 200 businesses. Our staff members’ innate sense of empathy, coupled with their knowledge of proper procedures and how to apply them to the applicable guidelines, have enabled the relocation processes for our projects to proceed very smoothly and thus not causing delays to ambitious schedules.

By being able to effectively analyze options and communicate them to the families, individuals and businesses being relocated, we are providing the best service possible and are able to help those parties make the best and most informed decisions to minimize hardships that relocation can cause, both financially and interpersonally.

We have been responsible for relocating some of the largest and most unique businesses in Pennsylvania. Those which were more complex include: a school district’s storage facility and bus garage, junk yards, a video game distributor, and an industrial park that contained 16 separate types of businesses, including two renowned artists, one of whose inventory was liquidated at auction for business discontinuance. Our ability to get involved with relocation efforts during the initiation phase and throughout the entire course of our projects to continuously address potential concerns and situations, enable us to effectively plan and facilitate a cohesive relocation effort for all claims.