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Who We Are

We are not an engineering company that provides diverse services, but a firm that specializes in and focuses on one niche’ of public improvement projects to best serve our clients and the public alike.  With years of experience in cooperative efforts with our project teams and clients, we’ve become a leader in the right- of- way acquisition industry in Pennsylvania.

The right- of- way acquisition process can often seem overwhelming to those who are not familiar with the processes and procedures that need to be adhered to, while successfully completing a project. By placing these responsibilities into capable hands of Keystone, you can be assured that all phases of your project will be undertaken professionally, efficiently and in the most cost effective manner possible.

While our firm currently provides services within the state of Pennsylvania, as a company, we are also approved to work in West Virginia and employ individuals, who are approved to complete work in Ohio.  We always look forward to future expansions into surrounding areas, but wanted to explore those opportunities through controlled growth, so not to jeopardize the quality of our work. We’re there now…